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Doumorh El-Riz

The city of Kiel is planning a digital agenda in order to prepare itself for the future in the age of digitization, and to be attractive to its citizens' needs. This task is supported by the Muthesius Academy of Art with its own creative visions and shows opportunities for citizens and designers of this city.


As a survey conducted by us has shown that far too few citizens know about the city-projects in Kiel in which they can actively participate. These include projects from different areas, such as Urban planning and development, environment and climate, family and social affairs, culture and sports and mobility and traffic, Currently these projects can be viewed as a list of names on the page. From the compulsory task to revise this list and to make it more attractive, the idea »NEOKIEL« has emerged.


Neokiel is an open civic platform, a kind of social network that offers its users all the possibilities of current communication. It is intended to serve as the basis of a structure that transparently illustrates the plans of the city. The platform informs the citizens and motivates them to actively participate and bring in the personal interest and talent in the city.

»The right to the city is far more than the individual liberty to access urban resources: it is a right to change ourselves by changing the city.«

– David Harvey

NEOKIEL – Design of the desktop version.

NEOKIEL – Design of the mobile version.

Interview of the NEOKIEL designers:



of the citizens have a great interest in participating in the city


but 90%

do not know how they can participate