The »Circadian Calendar« is an app that is synchronized with the Circadian Watch. Thus, the calendar also knows the sleep and wake behavior of the user and helps to adjust appointments to their own personal time in order to make them as efficient as possible. 


In the month view, the days are displayed differently bright, similar to the Circadian Watch. The brightness depends on how many user events have already been set to one day. In this case, the more dates are set to one day, the darker it appears in the view because it is less suitable for occupying further appointments. In a transcendental sense, therefore, the light stands for time.


In the day view, the appointments are displayed in red or green, depending on whether they fit to their own internal time or not. A red displayed date is one that does not match your own rhythm.


In addition, the calendar provides a feature that allows the user to track past sleep and wake behavior, as measured by the watch, and the severity of social jet lag. It helps to motivate the user to adapt his daily routine to the physical rhythm. The time is shown with the help of two curves. There is a curve for the actually experienced time and one for the inner biological time.